The Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae), It is one of only two species of penguins that inhabit the arctic continent, incubate their eggs in nests opencast stone to elevate and protect the ice slowly melts, for this reason a colony of half a million penguins, the best stones are prized.

During courtship, males lay a stone in front of the female as an invitation to be his companion, if she accepts, this couple will remain for many years until one of them fails to reach its nest, feat that claims many lives each year by forcing them to swim thousands of miles to get to the same place where someone already awaits.

These rocks are carved by hand by craftsmen Hidalgo, also serve to massage (Hot Stones), and since the golden obsidian have important properties. They are an excellent gift.

The golden obsidian has been used since time immemorial by Mexica Indians carving ritual objects and representations of their gods. His deep black color contains wonderful golden reflections in contrast to the light to show his originality. In crystal healing, this is one of the most valued black minerals, because it has a totally energetic power protection balancer combination and fusion with the golden vibration, further, provides great repairing and protecting power to auric level, and still used ritually request, channeling and healing. It is a protective shield against any harmful energy if worn as a pendant on the skin. For cleaning and purification we recommend soaking the stone periodically in salted water for a few minutes, and then apply a few drops of olive oil over the entire surface.

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