The wisdom and universal consciousness were at rest in the endless blue sky. So using wind, Kan took them to bring them to earth incarnated in the cluster snake and rested on her body taking it very close to the ground to go unnoticed by the beings that inhabit.

One day Kan ran into a fantastic being, charmed and amazed by the strength and power of the Jaguar, decided that it would be chosen to protect and preserve the wisdom of the universe, sBut in Balam, Jaguar, had no way of expressing and thus even with his force he could not hold it forever.

Then, motivated by the impatience that caused him to have booked so great treasure and perish with it sand given the task of finding one unless it was worth and also possess the skills to express and communicate the universal knowledge.

So in your search found the man and entranced by their creativity and momentum, decided by the magic place in your hands all the wisdom and consciousness that had been accumulated through time, incitándolo to use nature with respect as a means to develop new skills and resting knowing that knowledge would remain through the existence of mankind.

Design: Amara Vargas
Original story: Amara Vargas & Yesica Chapa