Conoce más sobre la simbología de la serpiente

Snake carved in wood,,es,Throughout the history of mankind has had a number of symbolisms,,es,in many cultures and in almost all myths of the Tree of Life there is a guardian,,es,usually a dragon or a serpent representing wisdom and immortality,,es,in other myths the opposite happens,,es,they symbolize the temptation,,es,death and darkness,,es,In Egypt the two serpents represented the high and the low Egypt,,es,human equivalent between the higher and lower self,,es,for the Aztecs the feathered serpent,,es,half bird half snake symbolized the powers of the wind,,es,the rain and the thunder,,es,in China they symbolize the Ying and the Yang,,es,while in the West it is identified with evil and the devil,,es (enroscada en ataque)


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    Diámetro exterior 14 cm 28 cm height
    *Because they are handmade pieces, there may be small variations in the dimensions of the products.